Why Donate?

We want to share our vision to build a cooperative, innovative, compassionate, creative, and sustainable city with as many people as we can.

Help us do so with a donation to Brenda's campaign. Help us print pamphlets; maintain media presence; staff the office; and purchase the other resources used by the campaign team in furthering our vision.

Your donation is an investment in the future of our city. Our goal is to raise $35,000 by September 12, 2014 - which is not only the official launch of the campaign but it's also - Brenda’s 35th birthday!

Join us and invest in leadership to inspire our city.


Read Brenda's Donation Letter

Donate Using PayPal.

Donate via Cheque

Please make cheques payable to Brenda Slomka Campaign. Cheques can be sent to 162 Pine St., Kingston, ON, K7K 1W8 or you can drop off cheques in person at 286 Princess St. (south of clergy St.), Kingston, ON, K7K 1W8.


Thanks for your desire to donate to Brenda's campaign.

To avoid conflict of interests, we will not accept donations from corporations or unions. Full stop.

To promote transparency, we will publish the names of individuals who donate (a total of) $200 (or more) on the campaign website during the campaign* (even if it comes in different, smaller donations over the election).

*The Municipal Elections Act requires the name, postal code, and donation amount of each individual who contributes more than $100 to be made public after the election; but we want to raise the standard on openness and financing in politics. That's why we will publish individual's names online during the campaign. That way everyone can see who's supporting - at least financially - the vision we have for the city.

Donors who have contributed $200 or more:

  • Chris Beeman
  • Burt Horwood
  • Roxanne Leung
  • Leona Slomka
  • Eric Walton
  • Chrystal Wilson