Mayoral Election Platform

Brenda's Mayor Campaign is framed by 5 Pillars that will lead Kingstonians to build a more cooperative, creative and compassionate city together.

1) Innovative and Cost-Effective Municipal Governance:

Stabilize municipal taxes while improving city services
Brenda aspires to stabilize taxes. Current practices of increasing taxes at the rate of inflation are unfair to residents who do not have inflation adjusted income growth, especially those on fixed incomes or with stagnant wages. Brenda recognizes that tax stabilization is a significant governance challenge but one that can be met with political leadership, community engagement and a culture of entrepreneurship.

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Develop Kingston's entrepreneurial capacity and job creation
Brenda seeks to mobilize support for the creation of an initial $80 million "loyal venture capital fund" to expand entrepreneurial capacity and job creation from the immense potential within our community. A typical economic development strategy that prioritizes outside corporate investment will not be sufficient to provide our City with an optimum level of employment growth. Brenda's strategy capitalizes on the economic realities of the 21st century that are yet to be fully realized in Kingston.

2) Culture of compassion and co-operation:

Promote partnerships with School Boards
Brenda supports collaboration between the city and the 4 regional school boards. She favours expanding affordable skill/tool-sharing and entrepreneurial incubating centres, like Kingston MakersSpace. She also commits to creating multi-purpose common spaces between libraries, community centres and schools.

Explore prospects for a City/Post-Secondary Education (PSE) partnership
Brenda commits to working with Queen's University, St. Lawrence College and RMC to establish an International Centre of Excellence in Municipal Climate Change Adaptation, Technology and Practices with a special focus on consulting and specialized manufacturing opportunities.

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Modify Council Chambers configuration
Brenda will move to add the flags of the Haudensonee and Anishanabee First Nations with the other flags already in the chamber. Brenda will increase the number of recorded votes. Brenda seeks to align the height of the Mayor's seat with that of the other Councilors' seats to encourage a collaborative collegial culture.

3) Creative and respectful development:

Create a Kingston Waterfront Innovation District
Brenda proposes a Kingston Waterfront Innovation District extending along the Cataraqui River from MetalCraft Marine to the end of the Davis Tannery Property. A hub of economic and social vitality, the District would combine the latest in sustainable residential and commercial technologies and practises and would seek to create a collaborative environment and creative culture that attracts businesses, social enterprises and entrepreneurs. The District's design would also seek to enhance sports opportunities/facilities and further the beautification and enjoyment of greenspace in Doug Flurher Park. The District would incorporate an innovative, all-weather public transportation system along its 2 km distance (not the Wellington Street Extension) as a key feature to attracting new residents and investors.

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Strongly oppose a Kingston casino
Brenda does not support a casino in Kingston.

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Support the Third Crossing of the Cataraqui River
Brenda backs the Third Crossing Bridge over the Cataraqui River on the condition the City receive matching funds from the Federal and Provincial governments. She proposes the municipal share be paid for over time by a special development charge on suburban sprawl-type development. Brenda will advocate that long-term sustainable transportation objectives are incorporated into the structural design of the bridge i.e. potential for dedicated public transit under the roadway surface, so that this option is available to the City in the future.

Integrate and improve use and enjoyment of Kingston's waterfront
Brenda champions a high-quality, continuous public walkway and separated bikeway along the city's waterfront. This initiative would include a sandy beach and a walkway extension to the navigation light at the end of the main breakwater at Flora MacDonald Confederation Basin.

Incentivize Smart Growth in residential developments
Brenda desires development that offers a range of housing choices and reduces distances between housing, workplaces and retail businesses. Brenda will work for appropriate urban intensification to counter suburban sprawl that restricts public transit options, indirectly subsidizes developers (as lifetime property taxes do not cover the total cost of the needed services and infrastructure investment) and increases traffic congestion, commuting times and greenhouse gas emissions.

Enhance Kingston's internet connectivity
Brenda will instruct Utilities Kingston to accelerate expansion and improvement of its fibre optic network, add an Internet Exchange Point (IXP) to the network and ensure our business parks have the best connectivity possible. She will work with KEDCO to attract data centre builders as an important foundation of economic development and to investigate the creation of a fibre link from Kingston to New York State networks.

Support Arts and Culture by enhancing market opportunities
Brenda wants to boost private and public sector investment in Arts and Culture through creative marketing and commercial strategies, recognizing that the economic return generated on these investments is as much as four-fold.

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4) Courageous and caring social services:

Hire a full-time Anti-Poverty Social Worker
Brenda promotes the hiring of a specialized social worker to build and develop direct connection with individuals who are homeless and/or at risk of homelessness and liaise with community shelters, city staff and the Mayor's office. Brenda believes Kingston needs to develop personal relationships and local networking to supplement other anti-poverty strategies. Brenda will pay for the position from the proceeds of an annual Mayor's Dinner fundraising event and would, if necessary, be prepared to cover any difference directly from her salary.

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Employ a "triple-lens" Quality of Life Impact assessment
Brenda approaches municipal decision-making mindful of Kingston's seniors, children and those living with disability to make sure municipal policies and procedures would improve the quality of life for these more vulnerable populations.

Champion municipal food assistance services
Brenda backs continued municipal funding assistance to meal service programs for the city's poorest residents in partnership with non-profit organizations. Brenda will lead the development of a community food centre model where food becomes the means to building health, skills and social vitality as exemplified by "The Stop Community Food Centre" in Perth, Ontario.

5) Successful and meaningful sustainability:

Achieve municipal governments greenhouse gas emission reduction targets
Brenda pledges to successfully meeting targets for climate change reduction. She will inspire Kingston to transition over time from having the highest per capita household greenhouse gas emissions for private vehicle operation in Canada to being a city with low per capita greenhouse gas emissions.

Increase options for active transportation
Brenda commits to continued cycling infrastructure improvements to include separated bike lanes, improved pedestrian walkways/crosswalk and increased safety and accessibility.

Augment and implement a comprehensive local food strategy
Brenda desires to build on Kingston's Food Strategy to enhance direct local food producer to consumer connections to improve farmers' incomes and access to nutritious food and to reduce transportation pollution. For example, she will investigate the feasibility of a centralized local foods storage and distribution depot. Brenda would also use municipal zoning powers to protect the agriculture and food security potential of the Frontenac Institution lands.

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Require comprehensive water testing and publication of results
Brenda will work with Utilities Kingston to help mitigate the potential long-term (i.e. not acute) health risk of trace pharmaceuticals and other contaminants (i.e. non-bacterial) present in municipal drinking water supplies. All water testing results will be publicly available online.

On October 27th vote for leadership to inspire the Kingston we can build together.