This is my vision for our city.

A city I want to lead. A city for us to build together. With this vision I believe that we can become a vibrant hub of individual and collective well-being.

A City with a culture of compassion and co-operation.

A culture that unites us to realize our untapped potential - allowing our community organizations, our businesses, our institutions, and our families to flourish in all districts.

A culture that values the voices of all residents, regardless of their age, ability, occupation, or when they arrived - counting them as important members of our community.

A City with creative and respectful development.

Development that says “no” to exploitative and regressive projects like a casino; and “yes” to strengthening our social fabric and promoting the real entrepreneurship that produces true economic prosperity.

Development that designs neighbourhoods to enhance quality-of-life; where local food, safe schools, open stores, accessible parks and waterfronts are a brief walk, wheel, bike or bus ride away.

A City of courageous and caring social services.

Services that expand our understanding and practice of how we care for one another - especially the most vulnerable - and how we all benefit from doing so.

Services that deepen an abiding commitment to meet the needs of our loved ones - our neighbours - on time and on budget.

A City of successful and meaningful sustainability.

Sustainability that moves us from word to deed in doing the heavy lifting to become Canada's most sustainable municipality.

Sustainability that inspires all sectors and all citizens to see the connection between individual responsibility and societal conservation practices.

A City of innovative and cost-effective municipal governance.

A City that excels in the responsible management of tax revenues by acting on internal efficiencies identified by staff - reversing the perverse pattern of decreased services and increased taxation.

A City that fosters high quality, community-minded, servant leaders and civil servants to encourage truly democratic public participation in neighbourhood plans, visioning exercises, and (re)development projects - significantly reducing cost of external consultants.

This City should not remain a vision. It can be our City. It can be Kingston.

I believe that we can be the place where creativity meets industry; where innovation honours history; where modern infrastructure lessens environmental burdens; where Kingstonians collaborate with each other and with their representatives to spur thoughtful forward-looking policy and caring present-day action.

Over the next ten weeks, I invite you to join me as I share my policy ideas that will help us build a more cooperative, creative and compassionate city.   

I have the drive, the leadership experience, and work ethic to do so. You have the relationships and resources to help elect me on this mandate.

I invite you to engage in my campaign, our campaign.

On October 27th vote for leadership to inspire the Kingston we can build together.